IJCATR Volume 2 Issue 5

Strategies in the Design of Low Power Wireless Sensor Network...

D.VishnuVardhan Y.Narasimha Murthy M.N.GiriPrasad
keywords : Low power wireless sensor, MSP430 microcontroller,Zigbee module ,Accelerometer sensor, Temperature sensor, MAC Protocol.

This researchpaper presents the strategies involved in the design of a low power wireless sensor network for the measurement and monitoring of physiological parameters like body temperature, pulse rate and respiration rate of a patient .Ultra low power MSP430F1611 microcontroller from Texas instruments (TI) and the low power transceiver CC2500 ZigBee module from chicon are used in the present design. The TMP100 a digital temperature sensor is used for the measurement of body temperature ,the Free Scale MMA7260Q tri-axial accelerometer is used to measure the respiration rate and a simple pulse rate module is designed using the IR LEDs for the measurement of heart rate. A GUI is developed based on Visual Basic software to display the results. Also the results are displayed on the 2x16 LCD module . In addition , a website with URL www.vishnuhealth.com is designed to display the results .To achieve the low power objective ,an attempt is made to apply the Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling algorithm in addition to all the possible hardware precautions and MAC protocols.
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