IJCATR Volume 4 Issue 10

Big Data Analytics for the Optimal Delivery of Primary Health Care in China

Muni Kumar N Zongyu Li Jingwen Du Yinghui Zhang
keywords : Health care in china, Primary Health Care, Data Analytics, Big Data, Analytics in Health Care, Hadoop.

Heath care is one of the greatest concerns for any country with no exception to China. The country has a large healthcare demand gap due to ageing population, growing urbanization, proliferating lifestyle diseases, rapidly increasing consumer wealth, and the advancement of universal health care insurance. The inefficiencies and inequalities in the public health care access have pushed forward the need for creative thinking and innovative solutions to strengthen the same. Implementation of Electronic Medical Record (EMR), which is the digitized version of medical record which contains notes and documents about patient's identity, examination, therapy, treatments and other services that have been given to the patient. The exponential rise in data in health care has brought lot of challenges in terms of data transfer, storage, computation and analysis. The increase in the number and size of medical records provides new opportunities for identifying patterns and behaviors of the patients and helps the practitioners to make better use of the existing data. This paper discusses the use of Big Data Analytics and Hadoop to reveal the impact of the analytics to render better healthcare services to every citizen of china with optimal cost.
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