IJCATR Volume 4 Issue 10

Traffic Light Controller System using Optical Flow Estimation

Neha Parashar Shiv Kumar
keywords : educational games; hygiene; environment

As we seen everyday vehicle traffic increases day by day on road is causing many issues. We face many traffic jams due to the inefficient traffic controlling system which is unable to cope up with the current scenario of traffic in our country. To overcome such drastic scenario and looking at current traffic volume we need to develop a system which works on real time processing and works after determining the traffic density and then calculating the best possibility in which the traffic on particular cross road is dissolved. Also, it helps in saving time as on traffic roads. In present traffic control system when there is no traffic on road but the static signal not allow traffic to move to cross and it changes after at fixed interval so at every cycle this amount of time is wasted for unused traffic density road and if one road is at high traffic it continuously grows till human intervention. The basic theme is to control the traffic using static cameras fixed on right side of the road along top of the traffic pole to check the complete traffic density on other side of the road. This system will calculate number of vehicles on the road by moving detection and tracking system developed based on optical flow estimation and green light counter will be based on the calculated number of vehicles on the road.
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