IJCATR Volume 4 Issue 3

A Comparison between FPPSO and B&B Algorithm for Solving Integer Programming Problems

Mahmoud Ismail Ibrahim El-Henawy
keywords : Branch and bound, flower pollination Algorithm; meta-heuristics; optimization; the particle swarm optimization; integer programming.

Branch and Bound technique (B&B) is commonly used for intelligent search in finding a set of integer solutions within a space of interest. The corresponding binary tree structure provides a natural parallelism allowing concurrent evaluation of sub-problems using parallel computing technology. Flower pollination Algorithm is a recently-developed method in the field of computational intelligence. In this paper is presented an improved version of Flower pollination Meta-heuristic Algorithm, (FPPSO), for solving integer programming problems. The proposed algorithm combines the standard flower pollination algorithm (FP) with the particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm to improve the searching accuracy. Numerical results show that the FPPSO is able to obtain the optimal results in comparison to traditional methods (branch and bound) and other harmony search algorithms. However, the benefits of this proposed algorithm is in its ability to obtain the optimal solution within less computation, which save time in comparison with the branch and bound algorithm.
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