IJCATR Volume 4 Issue 3

Efficient & Lock-Free Modified Skip List in Concurrent Environment

Ranjeet Kaur Pushpa Rani Suri
keywords : skip-list, CAS, Modified Skip List, concurrency, lock-free

In this era the trend of increasing software demands continues consistently, the traditional approach of faster processes comes to an end, forcing major processor manufactures to turn to multi-threading and multi-core architectures, in what is called the concurrency revolution. At the heart of many concurrent applications lie concurrent data structures. Concurrent data structures coordinate access to shared resources; implementing them is hard. The main goal of this paper is to provide an efficient and practical lock-free implementation of modified skip list data structure. That is suitable for both fully concurrent (large multi-processor) systems as well as pre-emptive (multi-process) systems. The algorithms for concurrent MSL based on mutual exclusion, Causes blocking which has several drawbacks and degrades the system’s overall performance. Non-blocking algorithms avoid blocking, and are either lock-free or wait-free.
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