IJCATR Volume 4 Issue 6

Design and Implementation of Online Fashion Store ?Demi Outfits? Based on Android

Yana Hendriana Richki Hardi Andri Pranolo
keywords : Android; fashion; mobile; store; online; technopreneurship

Android technology developments that are currently able to occupy the highest positions of gadgets and computer market, it is certainly due to the sophistication of technology information and applications that are on it that is currently a trend among mobile users because it can help all areas of the job so much easier. The purpose of Technopreneurship in the field of Design and implementation of online fashion store based on android is designed to assist in the sales transaction of business units called “Demi Outfits” has been established since 2013, making it easier for the android-based online transactions. Thus the computer tools and android smartphone is necessary given the various transactions were originally done manually. Given these tools various transactions can be completed quickly and efficiently than when using a manual system. To expedite the process of search services and purchases by customers towards these online stores, we need a system that allows customers to access the service online stores, especially the process of buying fashion online using android based mobile applications store. This application will also provide facilities that assist in the search for collection until the transaction purchases by customers. The system will tell to customers whether the collection to be purchased is available or not and their status are trends or expired.
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