IJCATR Volume 4 Issue 9

A Survey of Existing Mechanisms in Energy-Aware Routing In MANETs

Nazila Majdkhyavi Raziyeh Hassanpour
keywords : MANET, routing, energy, transmission power, lifetime

A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a distributed and Self-organized network. In MANET, network topology frequently changes because of high mobility nodes. Mobility of nodes and battery energy depletion are two major factors that cause loss of the discovered routes. battery power depletion causes the nodes to die and loss of the obtained paths and thus affects the network connectivity. Therefore, a routing protocol for energy efficiency should consider all the aspects to manage the energy consumption in the network. so introducing an energy aware routing protocol, is one of the most important issues in MANET. This paper reviews some energy aware routing protocols. The main purpose energy aware protocols are efficiently use of energy, reducing energy consumption and increasing the network lifetime..
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