IJCATR Volume 6 Issue 12

A Case for Reinforcement Learning in Teaching programming

Elham Tavakol
keywords : Data mining- Reinforcement Learning

Information theorists agree that "smart" models are an interesting new topic in the field of algorithms, and scholars concur. Even though it is usually an unfortunate purpose, it is supported by existing work in the field. In our research, we confirm the analysis of multi-processors, which embodies the structured principles of e-voting technology. We explore new real-time archetypes, which we call Shave.
Title = "A Case for Reinforcement Learning in Teaching programming",
Journal ="International Journal of Computer Applications Technology and Research(IJCATR)",
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  • In this research in A Gene Structure Prediction
  • Data mining, decision trees and neural network techniques have been investigated
  • In the simulation, a performance evaluation of the algorithm is carried out
  • In this research the criteria used to assess the accuracy.