IJCATR Volume 6 Issue 4

CPU Performance in Data Migrating from Virtual Machine to Physical Machine in Cloud Computing

Lochan.B , Dr. Divyashree B A
keywords : Live Migration, Cluster, Virtualization, Host, Data Centers

Cloud computing has a massive use of virtual machines to permit isolated workload to be used from one resource to the another and resource usages to be controlled. Migrating from one operating system to the other operating system is difficult. The virtual machines mainly deals with the live migration process. In this paper, we present the Performance of CPU in Virtual Machine with various features like Cluster, CPU, Live migration, Data Centers, Hosts, Storage, Disks, Templates. The multiprocessor is mainly used in the host machine which allow the features of guest operating system. There are various performance anomalies, which overheads for the infrastructure for the cloud. They are various implication for the results in the future architecture for the cloud infrastructure. Both the container and virtual machine support for the input output intensive application from future cloud allocated to the different application. The large number of the storage and network activity has to served for challenges on the platform. Cloud Computing in the virtual machine has high consumption of memory and CPU resource for inefficient virtualization software.
Title = "CPU Performance in Data Migrating from Virtual Machine to Physical Machine in Cloud Computing",
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  • The Live migration is possible from One Operating System to the Operating System
  • The Paper proposes the CPU Performance from the Full Virtualization
  • The Function is used to evaluate the CPU Performance in the Live Migration
  • Different hosts are used for the different levels of Performance