IJCATR Volume 6 Issue 4

Software Quality Measure

Eke B O , Musa M. O.
keywords : Software, quality, reusability, metrics, measure

Modern gadgets and machines such as medical equipments, mobile phones, cars and even military hardware run on software. The operational efficiency and accuracy of these machines are critical to life and the well being of modern civilization. When the software powering these machines fail it exposes life to danger and can cause the failure of businesses. In this paper, software quality measure is presented with the emphasis on improving standard and controlling damages that may result from badly developed application. The research shows various software quality standards and quality metrics and how they can be applied. The application of the metrics in measuring software quality in the research produced results which shows that the code metrics performance is better than the design metrics performance and points to a new way of improving quality by refactoring application code instead of developing new designs. This is believed to ensure reusability and reduced failure rate when software is developed.
Title = "Software Quality Measure",
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  • The paper proposes a metrics for software quality measurement
  • Two quality metrics within the software life cycle where considered design metrics and code metrics
  • The result show better performance of code metrics showing refactoring better than redesigning
  • In the metrics comparison, plotted graph was used in visualizing the performance of the two metrics.