IJCATR Volume 6 Issue 4

Significance and Application of Computer-Based Forecasting to Governance and Leadership

Fergus U. Onu , Michael O. Ezeji
keywords : Forecasting, Computer-Based Forecasting, Application software, Forecasting in Governance, Forecasting in Leadership, Governance, Leadership

Forecast results, products and applications are crucial in different sectors of a nations’s economy. Areas such as health, social, political, commerce and infact overall economy require the use of forecast techniques; but, success in governance and leadership seem to depend majorly on proper use of efficient forecasting techniques. This study focuses on the significance and application of computer-based forecasting in governance and leadership generally. The research being a descriptive type uses data from primary sources (observation, oral interview) and secondary sources (online publication) to locate, collect, analyze and summarize opinions on the significance and applications of computer-based forecasts to governance and leadership concerns. The work revealed that poor forecasting in governance leads to uninformed decision making manifested in poor service delivery, high project cost, insuficient amenities and overall below average performance of leadership. The effect of this on stakeholders is enormous. Tax-payers face untold hardship and lack of basic amenities. Governments waste resources on wrongly chosen projects and communities loss confidence and interest in the government. Consequently, the governance becomes unpopular and leadership fails. The application of computer-based forecasting provides a solution to these economic ills.
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