IJCATR Volume 6 Issue 5

Optimised Proactive Link State Routing For DOS Attack Prevention

Vishnu S Kumar, Divya. S. B
keywords : MANET, OPSR, DOS attack

A Mobile Ad hoc Network is a collection of independent mobile nodes that can communicate to each other via radio waves. The mobile nodes that are in radio range of each other can directly communicate, whereas others need the aid of intermediate nodes to route their packets. Each node has a wireless interface to communicate with each other. These networks are fully distributed, and can work at any place without the help of any fixed infrastructure as access points or base stations. Routing protocols are divided into two broad classes – Reactive and Proactive. In Reactive or on demand routing protocols the routes are created only when they are needed. The application of this protocol can be seen in the Dynamic Source Routing Protocol (DSR) and the Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol (AODV). Wherein Proactive or Table-driven routing protocols the nodes keep updating their routing tables by periodical messages. OPSR proposes a proactive mechanism in source routing.
Title = "Optimised Proactive Link State Routing For DOS Attack Prevention",
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  • The paper proposes a new protocol named Optimised Proactive Link State Routing
  • This protocol uses functions of OLSR and proactive protocols
  • Different scenarios are deployed to check the performance of the protocol
  • In the simulation, a performance evaluation of the protocol is carried out