IJCATR Volume 6 Issue 5

Church Choir Online Communication and Music Recording and Streaming System

Egbono F., Ndigwe C. F.
keywords : Music streaming; Choir Online communication; messaging system.

Communication among choristers has left some choristers in the dark because of the present method used which has led to poor performance in ministration. In the light of this situation, a user friendly system with data storage abilities to facilitate an integrated and centralized system in the storage, management and presentation of data, recording and streaming music as well as in sending notification in the form of text messages and email messages is proposed in this paper. The methodology adopted in this work is Object Oriented Analysis and Design methodology (OOADM). The system was implemented using Microsoft C# programming language which runs on Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 IDE and Microsoft SQL Management Server Studio 2012. This result show that the system handles the messaging and recording of the church choir music well as a solution for the communication problem.
Title = "Church Choir Online Communication and Music Recording and Streaming System",
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Volume = "6",
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  • The paper proposes a Church Choir Online Music Streaming and Communication System
  • Text messaging and email message within the software where design and coded
  • The recording of music inside the system show an impressive result
  • In the design the system interface show user friendly visualizing the church system