IJCATR Volume 6 Issue 8

Geographical Analysis of General Land Use Change in Latur and Nilanga Tahsil (1993-96 to 2010-13)

O.M. Jadhav
keywords : Lund Use Study, Land Use Change Study

Men fulfill their basic need from land. They have being used land for cultivation and settlement. Hence, the relationship of people with land is as old as man. The analysis of land use change is essentially to the analysis of changing relationship between people and land. Dynamic movement of people can be detected through this study. Day by day population pressure is increased on land. Hence proper use of land is very important for sustainable development of any region. Every change in land use should be noticed for development planning and management. In this study Technical Committee on Co-ordination of Agricultural Statistics (T.C.C.A.S.) recommendations of standard classification of land class has been considered. Latur and Nilanga Tahsil of Marathwada region are chosen as study area. The regional variations in spatial pattern of land uses are examined from 1993-96 to 2010-2013. Categorywise more change has been observed in land put to non agricultural use and net sown area. Negative change has observed in land put to non agricultural use, barren lands, permanent pastures and other grazing land, area under miscellaneous tree crops etc., cultural waste land, current fallows and other fallow land. Positive change has observed net sown and area under forest. It is good sign for study region development.
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