IJCATR Volume 6 Issue 8

Model View Mapper Architecture for Software Reusability

Chethana S , Dr.Srinivasan
keywords : Software Reuse, Architectures, Framework, Design Patterns, MVC, MVM, MVVM, MVP

Design Pattern Architecture is a serious issue in the development of any complex software system for Small, Medium and Big Organization. The essential problem is how to incorporate rapidly changing technology and new requirements by composing patterns for creating reusable designs. The main objective of this proposed work is to enhance the performance of enterprise design pattern reuse, to monitor software component problems and to predict the best design pattern for reusability. As a solution for all these problems a new framework called MVM pattern approach is proposed for migrating to a new design approach. It is helpful for all kinds of the organization complex software developments.
Title = "Model View Mapper Architecture for Software Reusability",
Journal ="International Journal of Computer Applications Technology and Research(IJCATR)",
Volume = "6",
Issue ="8",
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  • A new Framework is proposed for Software reusability
  • New algorithm has been developed
  • Efficiency of the algorithm is proved
  • Impact of the work in the industry.