IJCATR Volume 6 Issue 9

A New Approach of Color Image Encryption Based on RC4 algorithm and Chaotic Map

Dr. Abdul-Wahab Sami Ibrahim , Majed Ismael Sameer
keywords : Chaos theory, Image Encryption, henon map, symmetrical encryption.

Image Encryption is important for protecting image information, In this paper A chaos based on RC4 algorithm has been proposed to encrypt color Images, It is chaotic Henon function have created three keys , depending on the initial conditions to generate numbers dynamic function of the chaotic conditions in addition to the user's desire three dimensions of which mechanically operated from within the initial condition , and then working process distortion of the bits of the three keys Using the RC4 algorithm and results new in the process of XOR them to generate a unique key of binary bits one and zero and then turn it into a digital fracture and after the intervention to Phase image to encrypted so they generate the keys again, and the size of the desired image In order to encrypt it. the performance of the algorithm has been analyzed and results show that the algorithm has a very long key space, and high sensitivity for small changes in key which makes the algorithm Immune to Brute force attacks, and it can resist the differential and statistical attacks, in addition to having very high encryption and decryption speed, the receiver can detect any changes to the encrypted image during transmission. the algorithm has been implemented and analysis done by using Matlab R2008a software.
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