IJCATR Volume 6 Issue 9

Color Detection and Mixing System

Khalid Ammar, Amira Duhair, Lara Bilal
keywords : Digital paint, Color making and mixing, digital printing, paint products.

The detection of the color value and the automation of its production is very useful for many industrial applications. [3, 4]. We have developed a microcontroller-based system that detects colors and controls the mixing of the primary colors to get the matching colors. The system can be used as a tool to determine the compositions of chosen colors and produce a matching colors that meets the requirement of the required colors. The system can make the production of the colors much faster, more reliable and more consistent. This document describes the design, the implementation of the system. The system can be used as a tool in different industries such as digital printing, textile, cosmetics, wallpaper, gift-wrap, building materials, signage, etc [3, 4].
Title = "Color Detection and Mixing System",
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  • The Color Detection and Mixing System provides a reliability advantage compared to manually operated Color mixing, which rely on human intervention
  • The system detects the RGB value of the chosen color and compose the required color match
  • The system is capable of producing the matching color in the color spectrum much faster and more consistent
  • The system can be used as indispensable tool in various industrial application such as digital printing, textile, cosmetics, building materials, etc