IJCATR Volume 7 Issue 3

Access Control System: A Smart Home Solution

Nermin Hamza , Amjad Khalid Al-Harthi , Maram Hassan Al-Safri
keywords : IOT; smart home; (Raspberry Pi); embedded system and Face recognition

Nowadays, the technological applications have the widest range in our daily life, for instance, automation systems, robotics, and smart home. Smart home is an automated system developed to achieve some actions performed frequently in daily life to obtain more comfortable and easier life environment. Elderly and People has special needs can get benefit from smart home technologies. They can use their mobile to allow their assistance to do many services. In this paper, we proposed a smart home solution based on remote controlling in the house door called Smart Access Control. The solution allowed to the authorized people to enter their home using their mobiles or just if registered in the system. In addition, it monitors who tries to access the home at any time. The proposed work uses integrated technologies such as face recognition and embedded system together to handle the access permission and the user can administer it remotely by using a mobile application.
Title = "Access Control System: A Smart Home Solution",
Journal ="International Journal of Computer Applications Technology and Research(IJCATR)",
Volume = "7",
Issue ="3",
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Authors ="Nermin Hamza , Amjad Khalid Al-Harthi , Maram Hassan Al-Safri "}
  • The Paper proposes a smart access control system based on Face recognition
  • The proposed system based on Raspberry Pi, database server, face recognition and mobile application
  • The system model uses utility functions to provide services for user such as remote control and receive notification
  • The system implementation and the result of algorithm met the goal and requirements.