IJCATR Volume 7 Issue 6

Employment Recommendation System using Matching, Collaborative Filtering and Content Based Recommendation

Roshan G. Belsare, Dr. V. M. Deshmukh
keywords : Recommendation System, Collaborative Filtering, Content Based Recommendation, Cosine based Similarity, Hybrid Recommendation, Information Retrieval.

The tremendous growth of both information and usage has led to a so-called information overload problem in which users are finding it increasingly difficult to locate the right information at the right time Thus huge amount of information and easy access to it make recommender systems unavoidable [1]. We use recommender system every day without realizing it and without knowing what exactly happens. Recommender systems have changed the way people find products, information, and even other people. They study patterns of behavior to know what someone will prefer from among a collection of things he/she has never experienced. Benefits of recommender systems to the businesses using them include: The ability to offer unique personalized service for the customer, Increase trust and customer loyalty, Increase sales, click-through rates, conversions, etc., Opportunities for promotion, persuasion and Obtain more knowledge about customers. Recommender systems are software tools and techniques providing suggestions for items to be of use to a user. Job recommender systems are desired to attain a high level of accuracy while making the predictions which are relevant to the customer, as it becomes a very tedious task to explore thousands of jobs, posted on the web, periodically. Although a lot of job recommender systems[2] exist that use different strategies, here efforts have been put to make the job recommendations on the basis of candidates profile matching as well as preserving candidates job behavior or preferences. Firstly, the rules predicting the general preferences of the different user groups are mined. Then the job recommendations to the target candidate are made on the basis of content based matching as well as candidate preferences, which are preserved either in the form of mined rules or obtained by candidates own applied job history.
Title = "Employment Recommendation System using Matching, Collaborative Filtering and Content Based Recommendation",
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  • Both collaborative and content based recommendation approaches are used for job recommendation
  • The results of Cosine similarity based Collaborative filtering are promising
  • Comparison of different recommendation approaches is performed
  • As the size of data set increases RMSE reduces.