IJCATR Volume 7 Issue 6

Information System Security Policy Studies as a Form of Company Privacy Protection

Rio Jumardi
keywords : Computer Security, Information Assets, Information Systems, Privacy, Policy.

Technology that interconnects computers in the world allows to be able to exchange information and data even communicate with each other in the form of images and video. The more valuable the information is required a security standard to maintain the information. Computer security target, among others, is as protection of information. The higher the security standards provided the higher the privacy protection of the information. Protection of employee privacy within a company is one factor that must be considered in the information systems implementation. Information system security policies include: System maintenance, risk handling, access rights settings and human resources, security and control of information assets, enterprise server security policy and password policy. The policies that have been reviewed, be a form of protection of corporate information.
Title = "Information System Security Policy Studies as a Form of Company Privacy Protection",
Journal ="International Journal of Computer Applications Technology and Research(IJCATR)",
Volume = "7",
Issue ="6",
Pages ="203 - 240",
Year = "2018",
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  • This paper proposes reviews of information system security policy
  • Security Policy The information system is used for the Protection of Company Information
  • The research method used using Qualitative Description Method
  • Refers to Two Categories ie EISP and ISSP from ID SIRTII
  • Policy Review Using ISO / EIC Standard 17799: 27002