IJCATR Volume 7 Issue 8

Energy-Aware Routing in Wireless Sensor Network Using Modified Bi-Directional A*

Nurlaily Vendyansyah , Sholeh Hadi Pramono , Muladi
keywords : Energy; Routing; Wirelss; Sensor, Network; Betweenness Centrality; Searching; Modified Bi-directional A*.

Energy is a key component in the Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)[1]. The system will not be able to run according to its function without the availability of adequate power units. One of the characteristics of wireless sensor network is Limitation energy[2]. A lot of research has been done to develop strategies to overcome this problem. One of them is clustering technique. The popular clustering technique is Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy (LEACH)[3]. In LEACH, clustering techniques are used to determine Cluster Head (CH), which will then be assigned to forward packets to Base Station (BS). In this research, we propose other clustering techniques, which utilize the Social Network Analysis approach theory of Betweeness Centrality (BC) which will then be implemented in the Setup phase. While in the Steady-State phase, one of the heuristic searching algorithms, Modified Bi-Directional A* (MBDA *) is implemented. The experiment was performed deploy 100 nodes statically in the 100x100 area, with one Base Station at coordinates (50,50). To find out the reliability of the system, the experiment to do in 5000 rounds. The performance of the designed routing protocol strategy will be tested based on network lifetime, throughput, and residual energy. The results show that BC-MBDA * is better than LEACH. This is influenced by the ways of working LEACH in determining the CH that is dynamic, which is always changing in every data transmission process. This will result in the use of energy, because they always doing any computation to determine CH in every transmission process. In contrast to BC-MBDA *, CH is statically determined, so it can decrease energy usage.
Title = "Energy-Aware Routing in Wireless Sensor Network Using Modified Bi-Directional A*",
Journal ="International Journal of Computer Applications Technology and Research(IJCATR)",
Volume = "7",
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  • The paper proposes dynamic routing protocol in Wirelless Sensor Network
  • To determine cluster head, we uses Social Network Analysis (SNA) theory
  • network lifetime, throughput and residual energy evaluation
  • In the simulation, performance evaluation of the routing protocol.