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International Journal of Computer Applications Technology and Research (IJCATR)

Volume 2 Issue 1 January-February 2013

Speed Determination of Moving Vehicles using Lucas-Kanade Algorithm

Dolley Shukla, Ekta Patel




Keywords:Tracking, Optical flow, Motion estimation, Lucas-Kanade algorithm,velocity.

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       This paper presents a novel velocity estimation method for ground vehicles. The task here is to automatically estimate vehicle speed from video sequences acquired with a fixed mounted camera. The vehicle motion is detected and tracked along the frames using Lucas-Kanade algorithm. The distance traveled by the vehicle is calculated using the movement of the centroid over the frames and the speed of the vehicle is estimated. The average speed of cars is determined from various frames. The application is developed using MATLAB and SIMULINK.

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title = "Speed Determination of Moving Vehicles using Lucas-Kanade Algorithm;,
journal = "International Journal of Computer Applications Technology and Research",
volume = "2",
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author = "Dolley Shukla, Ekta Patel ",

The Paper Proposes Speed determination method of moving vehicles using Lucas-Kanade Algorithm.
The distance travelled by vehicle is calculated using movement of centroid over frames and speed of vehicle is estimated.
Comparison of motion vector and speeds of multiple vehicles in video using Mat lab and Simulink.
Performance analysis of Lucas-Kanade Algorithm is done and Vehicle trajectory is shown.