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Call for Papers - March 2017 Edition

International Journal of Computer Applications Technology and Research (IJCATR) call for research paper for Volume 6 Issue 3 March 2017 Edition. Submit manuscript to editor@ijcat.com. Last date of manuscript submission is February 28, 2017.



International Journal of Computer Applications Technology and Research (IJCATR)

Volume 2 Issue 3 May-June 2013

Power Optimization Technique for Sensor Network

M.Nemaraj, V.Jayaprakasan, V.Senthil Kumar




Keywords:wireless sensor network, Dijkstra’s algorithm, optimal path, idle nodes.

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       In this paper different power optimization techniques for wireless sensor network is proposed and compared. The energy conservation in a wireless sensor network is of great significance and very essential. The nodes in a wireless environment are subject to less transmission capabilities and limited battery resources. There are several issues that constrain the WSNs and challenges posed by the environment of handling traffic and the lifetime of the battery in the nodes. The battery of node is energy limited and is not convenient to be replaced by the restriction of circumstance. But we have to ensure that even the slightest of energy is utilized and the overall power conserved in a wireless environment is greatly reduced. This paper aims to reduce the power conservation in a wireless sensor network using Dijkstra‘s algorithm, with a set of optimal path and available idle nodes.

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The paper propose new power optimization technique for sensor nodes.
Different algorithm is used dijkstra and modified dijkstra.
The optimal paths are find by the proposed algorithms.
In the simulation, a performance evaluation of the algorithm is carried out for the sensor nodes Different energy levels.