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International Journal of Computer Applications Technology and Research (IJCATR)
Volume 6 Issue 1 January 2017

Analysis of Modeling Performance and Simulation Tools for Wireless Sensor Networks




Keywords: Wireless sensor networks; modeling; simulation; routing; energy consumption; OPNNET; OMNeT ++; NS2.

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        Wireless sensor networks rapidly invaded several application domains. The nodes that make up these networks are electronic devices designed and sized to meet the needs of surveillance, data collection and transport, communication, etc. However, Operation and design of the wireless sensor network systems require reliable and efficient simulation tools before actual implementation of the application. In this paper an analysis of the performance of the modeling phase of the network and simulation tools was presented as a synthesis to evaluate the performance of the systems of a wireless sensor network.

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The paper proposes an analysis of modeling performance and simulation tools for wireless sensor networks.
Modeling requirements and presentation of a typical model wireless sensor network.
The best known simulators are OPNET, OMNeT ++ and NS2 which are used to simulate the characteristics of networks with specific sensor nodes.
The results of the chosen simulation tool must provide the evolution over time of the variation in power consumption. These results would help the designer in choosing the hardware and software to be used in the early design stages of the node.

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