IJCATR Volume 2 Issue 1

A survey of service Discovery Architecture of MANET with AODV-SD

Bela Patel
keywords : Mobile Ad hoc Networks, Service Discovery and Service, Discovery Protocols, Jini, UPnP, Konark, SLP, Salutation.

Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET) is network of a no. of mobile routers and associated hosts, organized in a random fashion via wireless link. MANET has been widely used for not only military purposes but for search-and- rescue operations, intelligent transportation system, data collection, virtual classrooms and ubiquitous computing. There are various Issues in MANET like Routing, MAC Layer issues, Transport protocol, QoS, Data Mgt. And Security etc. from them Service Discovery is one of the most important issues in MANET. Service discovery technologies are exploited to enable services to advertise their existence in a dynamic way, and can be discovered, configured and used by other devices with a minimum of manual efforts. Most of the service discovery protocols such as DEAPspace, UPnP, Konark, Salutation, Jini, and SLP. These protocols don’t provide an appropriate route from consumer to service provider. Hence after services are discovered, a route request needs to be initiated in order to access the service. In this paper proposing an efficient, robust and flexible approach to service discovery for MANET that not only discovers a service provider, but at the same time, it also provides a route to access the service.
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