IJCATR Volume 2 Issue 1

Data Transfer Security solution for Wireless Sensor Network

Bhavin Patel Neha Pandya
keywords : WSN, security mechanism, encryption, security issues, WSN algorithm.

WSN is a wide growth area for specific resource limited application. Factor associated with technology like, the encryption security, operating speed and power consumption for network. Here, we introduce a mechanism for secure transferring of data is WSN and various security related issues. This energy-efficient encryption is a secure communication framework in which an algorithm is used to encode the sensed data using like, RC5, AES and CAST Algorithm. The proposed scheme is most suitable for wireless sensor networks that incorporate data centric routing protocols. An algorithm in sensor network is help to designers predict security performance under a set of constraints for WSNs. This symmetric key function is used to guarantee secure communications between in-network nodes and reliable operation cost. RC5 is good on the code point of view, but the key schedule consumes more resource time for efficient security aspects.
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