IJCATR Volume 2 Issue 1

Web Services Based Information Retrieval Agent System for Cloud Computing

Yu Mon Zaw Nay Min Tun
keywords : Cloud Computing, Multi-Agent, Web Services, Service Oriented Computing, Information Retrieval.

Cloud computing is Internet based system development in which large scalable computing resources are provided “as a service” over the Internet to users and has attracted more and more attention from industry and research community. However, the concept of cloud computing does not provide facilities for the knowledge discovery and information retrieval; i.e. clouds need to be intelligent and autonomous. On the other hand, Web Service plays important role in Service Oriented Computing (SOC) in cloud environment. Retrieving desired specific information from Web Services on cloud environment cannot be done by single Web Service. So, there should be a possibility to combine existing services together in order to fulfil the request. To compose Web Services, Agents can give great help. Therefore, this research mainly focus on providing a framework for retrieving information from Cloud using composite Web Services by means of Multi-Agent System.
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