IJCATR Volume 2 Issue 3

Concept of Automated Machine using Mealy

Ritika Kalihari Toran Verma Alka Jaiswal
keywords : Automated machine, FSM, Mealy, Product dispensed, and Vendee.

In recent lifestyles human require rapid processing with best quality which provides easiest lifestyle. Now-a-days, automated machines can be found everywhere in our everyday life. For example, automated machine can be found at the train stations selling train tickets. In the schools and offices automated machine provides drinks and snacks which is providing facilities to human being. And sales of goods and services via automated machine are growing strongly in India provides easiest lifestyle. Automated machine modeling is the crucial part in developing proposed model as this reduces the human resources and has been modeled using. This dissertation describes a model of an automated machine totally based on Mealy concept of FSM. The proposed model will increase the efficiency of automated machine and will also lead to cost reduction, saving time and ease of usage. The first phase involves selection of items to be purchased by consumer. In next phase, the machine generates the respective total amount required to be paid. At last the vendee enters the amount to get their products dispensed and the extra amount will be returned back by machine.
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