IJCATR Volume 3 Issue 10

An Adaptative Accident Prevention Technique for Mobile Communications Systems

Banda Srinivas Goud Eliyaz Mahammed
keywords : Vehicle , GSM, RF MODULE.

This paper introduces how many times our elders told about the ill-effects of using cell phones while driving, but how many of us have taken their advices seriously. Well we think not even thirty percent. Isn’t it? But whether we like it or not, it is one of the major reasons for number of accident that are happening nowadays. Even doctors have now recently stated that talking on cell phones while driving is as fatal as driving our car after drinking. It can lead to various disastrous major miss-happenings. Do you know that using a mobile phone while driving can affect the cognitive functions of a person, distract his or her visual concentration and also the speed of processing information Are you feeling Scared after reading this? Well it has been also proved that use of cell phones while driving puts a driver at a significantly higher risk of collision by distracting his or her mind. It hardly matters whether the person makes use of hands free or hand-held phones, there’s no escape to it. This deadly combo has significantly increased the risk of accidents in large numbers.
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