IJCATR Volume 3 Issue 11

Application of a Novel Software Algorithm for Information Reduction in High Frame Rate Ultrasonography

J. Jean Rossario Raj S.M.K Rahman Sneh Anand
keywords : Transient Elasticity, Orthogonal modulus, orthogonal wave velocity, Ultra-fast Scanner, Sliding Rectangle Algorithm, Ethernet, DICOM, Tele-medical field

Ultrasonography is a non invasive method in medical field and is generally used for imaging the abnormal tissue growth. The tissue growth can be benign or malignant and to diagnose the quality of the tissue growth based on the stiffness is a challenge. Orthogonal wave velocity is computed by observing the orthogonal wave propagation in determining the stiffness of a tissue in Ultrasound Transient Elasticity. This requires an ultra-fast scanner which works at frame rates more than 1000 fps. The major difficulty is in collecting huge amount of scanner information and process in the processing system. Hence the designs are very complex and costly. Sliding rectangle algorithm is an innovative approach used in extracting the needed information in measuring the orthogonal wave velocity from successive matrix arrays. In this approach, one image matrix array is integrated into multiple rectangles and in a multi matrix array period, only one rectangle is sent and balance rectangles are discarded. This rectangle is moved multi matrix array to multi matrix array. This information is super imposed on full matrix array information. The orthogonal wave speed is calculated rectangle by rectangle. This algorithm reduces the amount of information sent to the processing system. This will enable the information from the scanner to be ported to Laptops in processing through standard interfaces such as USB or Ethernet in DICOM format. This makes the transient elasticity technology viable to be used in tele-medical field applications.
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