IJCATR Volume 3 Issue 6

A Recapitulation of Data Auditing Approaches for Cloud Data

Poonam Dabas Divya Wadhwa
keywords : Cloud Computing; IAAS; PAAS; SAAS; Cloud Security; Integrity Checking.

Cloud Computing, a buzzword, a technology, has been exploring over the years since 1990s and presently, being considered as a today’s s era dependency for the interconnected users. Online resources (like CPU processing power, memory space), software, hardware, capacities are being delivered to the associated users with no headache of handling the intricacies that could come while utilizing the services of this computing methodology. This dependency on server resources for all the major requirements of clients made this computing paradigm, a popular emerging trend in technical world. Now, the biggest concern that one must take into consideration while adopting the benefits of cloud computing is what we call it as ‘security’. Obviously, it is the necessary attribute of any computing methodology that is considered as a priority concern. One primary aspect of cloud computing security is maintaining user data integrity which is the key point of this literature review paper. Integrity checking has been designed as a cloud security service by various protocols proposed by many researchers which are being discussed here in this paper.
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