IJCATR Volume 5 Issue 7

Program Aging and Service Crash

Shahanawaj Ahamad
keywords : Program; Aging; Cloud service; Renewal, Metrics

Program aging is a degradation of performance or functionality caused by resource depletion. The aging affects the cloud services which provide access to big data bank and computing resources. This suffers large budget and delays of defect removal, which requires other related solutions including renewal in the form of controlled restarts. Collection of various runtime metrics are more significant source for further study of detection and analysis of aging issues. This study highlights the method for detecting aging immediately after their introduction by runtime comparisons of different development scenarios. The study focuses on aging of program and service crash as a consequence.
Title = "Program Aging and Service Crash",
Journal ="International Journal of Computer Applications Technology and Research(IJCATR)",
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Issue ="7",
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  • The paper reviews the issues of computer performance degradation.
  • The paper identifies the cause of program aging.
  • The paper explored the aging impact analysis.
  • The paper highlights the cloud service performance declination and crash due to aging.