IJCATR Volume 7 Issue 2

Endpoint Protection through Windows Operating System Hardening

Shruchi Mistry , Punit Lalwani , M. B. Potdar
keywords : OS Hardening; Security Checklist; Vulnerability; Security Audit; Threats; Ransomware

Nowadays Cybercrimes are rapidly increasing. Systems are always vulnerable to attack due to Security misconfiguration. Most of the systems are vulnerable at client side or endpoint. The intrusion into the system can be done via violating operating systems vulnerabilities. Windows operating system has its own security functionalities and configurations. Most users not setup the security configuration properly and because of that systems are vulnerable to attacks. Today very sophisticated attacks like Ransomware, malware, Remote Admin tools etc. can be exploit throughout the system, which is securely misconfigured. Windows operating system hardening is the only solution against such threats to the system. System hardening is the technique through which users can generate a checklist according to the requirements. A ransomware like Wanncry and Petya infected almost windows system due to security misconfiguration. This project is focused on preparing the checklist for security configuration in Windows operating system as per versions and vulnerabilities related with those OS versions; also Securely Audit those systems periodical basis to maintain required security level. As result automated system audit report framework will be developed to maintain the security level of Windows based operating system.
Title = "Endpoint Protection through Windows Operating System Hardening",
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  • The paper propose Latest Vulnerability assessment aspects of endpoint security
  • Secure user from sophisticated attacks like ransomware
  • Importance of Security Audit
  • Risk reduction priority.