IJCATR Volume 8 Issue 1

Secure Login System Using QR-Image

Shreya Dutta, Shalu Singh, Pratiksha Ghodke
keywords : QR code; Cryptography; Segmentation; Cipher; Security.

In this paper, we are introducing a new idea to secure the login by generating a QR code (Quick Response Code) image. QR code is an extension of a barcode. Since QR code has a great storage capacity than a barcode, it is used to carry or store different messages. In today's era, security is a very crucial issue to handle. So this is the aim of this paper. It mainly focuses on ciphering the generated unique user-id to a secure QR code which will then be converted to a QR-image. Later this image will be segmented by using Image Segmentation. This will not only eliminate the traditional password-based system but will also reduce the chance of attack.
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