IJCATR Volume 8 Issue 1

Mobile Based Application of Document Delivery (Case Study: PT Waindo Specterra)

Helda Fitriana Sari, Nur Ismawati
keywords : Document Delivery, Mobile Based Application, Google Maps Direction, Apache Cordova

The document delivery process at PT Waindo SpecTerra is still running manually. Problems arising from road documents that have been received need to be inputted into digital format by admin, travel documents are lost and not stored properly, so that entry data process by admin becomes disrupted. The purpose of this study are the availability of a mobile application that facilitates Company Admin and Driver in sending documents process, data delivery history that’s directly stored in the database, and backup data in a structured database. This application uses the PHP programming language, HTML, MySQL Database, and Apache Cordova technology in the development of mobile-based systems. The research method used are library method, observation method and documentation method. The final researches are expected to provide an application system that can facilitate the process of sending documents at PT Waindo SpecTerra, so the road history data is more structured and backup data is available.
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