IJCATR Volume 3 Issue 8

How Mindreading Computer Work And How It Is Useful In Different Working Areas

Komal Tomar
keywords : mindblindness, autism, mind reading architecture, impairment, Eye language interpreter, man machine interaction.

Mind reading is the ability to infer other people’s mental state and use that to make sense of and predict their behavior and also to understand both oneself and other agents in terms of beliefs, desires and intentions[15]. A lack of or impairment in the theory of mind (mindblindness) is thought to be the primary inhibitor of emotion understanding and social intelligence in individuals with autism[6] .The goal in building mind reading machines is to enable computer technologies to understand and react to people’s emotions and mental states. In this paper we present how to read minds using different techniques. The paper presents a mind-reading architecture based on an Eye Language Interpreter and Baron-Cohen’s Mindreading System. This architecture enables the recognition and prediction of complex mental states, allowing for more natural man-machine interaction. This paper also presents where mind reading useful.
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